Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold calls suck

Picking up a phone and calling a stranger. Getting that person to subsequently do or commit to something. That’s hard. Sometimes that’s scary. And I don’t know anyone who likes cold calling. Instead, try warm calling. Warm calling involves taking the time to plan the call. Always plan your calls. The process is easy:

  • Write it down
  • How will you say it
  • Find something to connect to

Write It Down

I don’t care how long the call will be, take notes. If you’re like most people you’ll get nervous and forget where you want the call to go, or leave out important details. Save yourself the agony and just write down your objectives and important details.

How Will You Say It

Now take a look at what you wrote. How does it sound? When you practice it – and yes, you will practice it – how does it come across? Are you using negative phrases like “I don’t know about you but…” or “We might not be the best in the market but…” While you’re taking out the negatives, take out the “but’s” too. I hit on those last year and it still applies.

Find Something To Connect To

Lastly, find something you like about the person & can relate to. Again, do it ahead of time by doing some research on the internet or LinkedIn. If you are looking to build a relationship that closes sales, do the work and know a little something about your prospect. If nothing is available then “like” the sound of their voice, their greeting, or their Southern drawl. I don’t actually care if you actually like it; do it because the enthusiasm and energy it creates will come across in your discussion that way and bring you that much closer to success. Now who wouldn’t want that?

So tell me, what do you think about the warm call?

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