Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get comfy, it’s your fault

Things go wrong from time to time, no matter how much training, preparation and planning we commit to. The trick is to accept responsibility, learn from it and move forward. I know, there’s no way you can predict every particular event...but it’s still your fault!

“Bob and Debbie had an affair. Debbie’s husband found out. The subsequent divorce proceedings left Debbie without a lot of money, and she embezzled from the firm to make ends meet. That’s MY fault ?!?!?!”

Yes. When was the last time the company conduct guide was updated? When was the staff last informed of the guidelines? Do you regularly audit your books to ensure operations are running smoothly? Had you noted any changes to Debbie’s performance during her one-on-one meetings? I hope you see where I’m going here, when you’re a leader, stuff rolls uphill.

Accountability starts with the leader, so embrace the whirlwind comes your way. It shows character and provides the opportunity to make situations stronger. Once you're past it put the people, process, or technology in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.

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